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DG-Maid Agency is here to manage your
Maid services

For Any Eligible Employers:

• Malaysian
• Expatriate
• MM2H

Our Maid Agency Daily Services:

• Free Service to Collect/Return Documents in Klang Valley area
• Fetching Maid from Airport and sending to Employer’s house
• Free Transportation for Passport renewal and Fomema medical check-up
• Renewal of Passport & Employment contract
• Transfer of employment
• Immigration Consultancy regarding of Hiring procedures
• Providing Domestic Worker consultation services
• Professionally trained and quality Domestic Worker
• Orientation for arriving Domestic Worker
• Philippine Embassy Documentation
• Free counselling service
• Check Out Memo application for departing house maid
• Arrangement of medical check-up for Domestic Worker (FOMEMA)
• Purchasing Health insurance scheme for Foreign Domestic Helper
• Request / Own Maid ( Pre-Selected or Re-entry of Previous Domestic Worker)

  • New Maid Application and Renewal of work permit
  • Local Placement in Malaysia and Overseas
  • Employment Law for Foreign Domestic Helper's Consultancy
  • Local Placement Consultancy
  • Malaysia Immigration Services for Foreign Domestic Helpers
  • Seminar and Training Services
For More information call us +60387406041 +60125383365 / +60129813365