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      Professional Maid Agency In Malaysia


      DG- Maid Agency has hired the highest level of professional and qualified trainers in the training center to ensure all the maids reach to the best level of duties.

      Kitchen: Cooking/Preparing Dishes Wiping Tables / Washing Dishes Cleaning of Refrigerator/ Utensils. Toilet and Bathroom: Cleaning the bath room/ Toilet Scrubing the wall and tiles. Living Rooms: Moping the Floor Vacuum cleaning/ Dusting Preparing Bedroom: Cleaning the walls and corners cleaning the furniture sets Light Gardening: Watering the flower’s Wash and wipes Balcony and Windows. Clothes: Ironing/ / Steam Iron/ Folding Clothes. Hand wash/ Using Washing Machine Awareness of color differences and cloths materials. Overall Person Care: Infant Care/ Child’s care/ Special child’s care Elderly/ Disabled Care/ First Aid Pets Care: Pets care .

      Our Filipino maid's responsibility is to attend to the personal care of your love ones

      Our Filipino maids are awesome to clean and organize your home

      Our Filipino maids are trained and prepared for successful employment