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Our Mission
DG-Maid Agency in Malaysia provides the best Foreign Domestic Helper and customer service for it's clients. We ensure that all foreign domestic helpers are carefully selected through our personal interviews and that candidates have the best quality in terms of attitude and performance. We provide services to Malaysian, Expatriates; MM2H, PR and RP employers who are eligible to employ a domestic helper based on their specific current and future needs and wants with high-quality performance. It is a predominant value to put our client’s legitimate interest and preferences in the centre of our duties and services. We are proactive to constantly deliberate customer satisfaction experiences by holding responsiveness and willingness to serve the best in any aspect of our services
Our Vision
We brand ourselves in emerging Trust, Quality and Commitment; to be the Prominent and Liable Maid Agency in Malaysia.
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DG- Affordable Maid Agency in Malaysia-helps you to find
The Best Filipino Domestic Helper

We have been recognized among The Malaysian Maid Agencies with outstanding record. Our Foreign Domestic Workers are screened and knowledgeable in preparation of their impending deployment to Malaysia. Our Training Centre ensures the highest standard of research by having a complete range of teaching program & facilities to match the needs of Malaysian and Expatriates families. Our Team is supervised by one of the most Professional Human Resource Manager. We have a good team dynamic to ensure they perform well to provide quality services by sourcing and supplying well-trained Foreign Domestic Workers.

Our Credentials

Since 2004, we have set the standard for excellence and provided maids in the homes of employers in Malaysia. Agensi Pekerjaan Danu Gemilang Sdn Bhd is a fully licensed for Local Placement (in Malaysia & Overseas) and Recruitment maid’s agency. We represent full trained professionals with an exceptional level of skills for Local Placement as well as Foreign Domestic Helpers which are fully trained in caregiving and household works. Our company is registered with the Department of Labour Peninsular Malaysia under the Ministry of Human Resources “Jabatan Tenaga Kerja Semenanjung Malaysia (JTKSM), Kementerian Sumber Manusia (KSM)”. And Accredited with the registered agencies in Department of Overseas Labour and Employment of Indonesia and Philippines.

Why choose us

There are many Maid Agencies in Malaysia
but why choose us

  • Expert team Danu Gemilang agency is one of the leading and trusted Maid Agencies in Malaysia. We serve our clients that deserves the absolute best for their families. When you rely on Danu Gemilang experience, you can expect reliability, highly personalized and immediate services, and the best professionals in the field.
    You will find that:
  • Our Danu Gemilang Screening for Foreign Domestic Helpers Our recruiters search nationwide to interview, screen and select the best candidates for our employers. All of our Philippine maids are able to speak in English and Majority of Them have caregiving and household experience either in their homes, local and overseas employment. The Danu Gemilang Agency screening process is far more extensive than any other agency in Malaysia. We only accept maid’s candidates who are fit to work and passed the immigration security clearance (ISC) in their country. This, ensures that the maids’ biodata we present, matches the employer’s expectation.
    1. Fast application process
    2. Employers are able to interview their candidates via phone or internet video call to screen the maid based on their own criteria
    3. Verification of legal documentation such as passport, medical and ISC
    4. Personality and attitude assessment
    5. Criminal background checks
    Danu Gemilang maid agency makes the transition for both employers and maids as smooth as possible based on the immigration law of Malaysia, and source country. We carefully select all the maids biodata for their employment. Our support is constantly to ensure the positive relationship with employers and rest assured that we will not compromise quality for quantity..

• Our phone calls / chats / emails are answered and/or returned promptly
• You can access an online selection process
• Our candidates are thoroughly selected and trained
• We can arrange phone and internet video interview with your chosen maids biodata
• You can access on your maid application latest status via our website
• We maintain office hours in 6 days a week for your convenience
• Our Team is dedicated, passionate; and professional in delivering what we promise
• Confidentiality is a top priority
• Upon the maid employment, we guarantee maid replacement during the first three months period.

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